Visual Protect

Visual Protect 3.5

Windows 95/98/NT 32-bit secure license manager
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This manager lets users protect their e-commerce and licensed executable software from piracy and unauthorized access by creating watermarks, .exe conversion, password assignment and recovery, VBA tools, etc. No source code editing is required, code integrity is not compromised.

A software based protection, e-commerce, and license management tool. With Visual Protect you can protect any Windows 95/98/NT 32-bit executable from piracy, illegal distribution, and hacking. Protection of your application with Visual Protect requires no source code editing. It allowspotential customers to try your complete product before buying, using a simple, smart and user-friendly interface. In addition, thru Visual Protect you can distribute license files to your registered customers as it incorporates a mechanism to manually or automatically generate and send by E-Mail therequired registration files.

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